E07 new model mirror with peripheral LED lighting

The E07 model, is one of the last mirrors that we have included in our catalogue in 2016. It combines both design and functionality.


This is a mirror with LED peripheral lighting framed type, high quality, very efficient and with aluminum rear frame with an elegant matt silver finish.

Ideal for makeup and shaving as it provides an homogeneous LED lighting around the perimeter.

The glass base material, Pure Miralite of Saint Gobain, has an unique environmental performance, free of lead and toxic compounds , incorporates organic products in its composition. In a next post we will comment the unique features of this new material which strengthens our commitment to the environment.

With a very shallow depth of 3.2 cm , allows easy installation both horizontal and vertical. It can manufacture in any size, very versatile to create unique spaces decoration.

The LED system high efficiency lighting is type A +, which ensures low energy consumption. The construction of the window perimeter lighting provides uniform illumination and prevents the LED points to be shown as there are so annoying and unattractive.

Meets safety standards IP44 and Class I.

We hope you like it as much as we do .

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