How to properly illuminate your bathroom

18 November, 2016

The bathroom – a room in which we entered half asleep, and needed for a full recovery. There is no other place in the house so demanding in lighting.


Modelo E-28

The lighting must be practical and versatile, as well as decorative, adapting to the different room areas and creating various environments where you can feel a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

It is important to combine different types of lighting in the bathroom , to make it more  comfortable and create a relaxing atmosphere.   At least  it should be required one general lighting to cover the whole bathroom and a spot lighting that helps us look good in the mirror, minimizing the shadows and dark areas.

General lighting should be as close as possible to natural light as it is the one that reproduces better the colors and creates better environments.  If the room has a window we must make advantages  of the natural light provided .

 The spotlight should be centered on the mirror. It is the most important and delicate area,  as  it is where it is required light more uniform and with the adequate intensity.

Incorporating mirrors with built-in lighting is a practical as well as a decorative solution. There are many designs available: with front side lighting, top and bottom, peripheral light  around the perimeter, upper and lower back lighting, and combinations.

Mirrors with lateral front illumination also called “dressing room” type and models with perimeter lighting are indicated to provide a homogenous and shadeless illumination, very suitable for shaving and makeup.


Modelo E-79

The backlit mirrors provide a very soft and relaxing, as well as decorative lighting.

Modelo  E-75

Modelo E-75

The back light illumination can be combined with integrated front windows, obtaining a very decorative and functional solution.

Modelo E-28

Modelo E-28

You can also consider the use of spots and lamps placed above the mirror, to provide an homogeneous light. HOME_DETALLE_APLIQUES

This type of installation determines the choice of an appropriate spotlight / lamp  and must be selected in conjunction with the mirror.