Mirrors / Integrated lighting / Front and ambient lighting / E-44

• High-quality crystal mirror with stainless steel profile in glossy finish with straight corners.

• Two illuminated front windows with PL-L 36 W and ambient back-lighting fluo T5 fluorescent superior and inferior .

• Depth 6 cm.

• PL-L 36W Fluorescent lamps, twin tube, low consumption, high brightness and warm yellow light 3000ºK.

• T5 fluorescent lighting, high efficiency and low consumption 8W./24W./39W./54W. Cold white light 6000ºK.

• Motion sensor off / on as standard.

• The sensor is placed as standard on the right. Under request , it can be mounted on the left.

• For proper operation of the sensor is needed to allow a clearance of 15 cm around it.

• Option: Demister device.

• Lamps T5 / PL-L replaceables.

•Easy installation.

• IP 20

• You can check the measures available at the following link.

• Check with us the possibility to manufacture other dimensions.

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