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Uraldi´s new LED mirror series

28 junio, 2014

We are very pleased to present the new Uraldi mirrors´ catalog , with a wide variety of mirrors and the new series with LED lighting.


Downoload it from the following link: 2014 Uraldi´s mirror catalog

Our products are wholly manufactured in the north of Spain and the main product´s characteristic is the high quality both in materials and final product.

The mirrors are delivered with a unitary extra wood packaging unit for a better transport protection.

Please do not hesitate to request additional information about mirror´s customization possibilities and the prices for European deliveries .

Hopefully you would discover the advantages of working with a close, flexible, reliable and customer oriented supplier with competitive prices.


ESQUARE series finalist in the SPARK AWARDS 2013

24 octubre, 2013

The new bathroom accessories´serie Esquare , designed by Jon Uraldi Santacoloma for Uraldi, has been chosen as finalist in the contest Spark Awards 2013. The Spark Awards are considered one of the great global design competitions , which recognizes the work of professionals in various fields of design activity .

Spark award 2013


Spark Award 2013 Finalist web page

Fotocomposicion ESQUARE-vert

Its founding aim is to promote a better life through design and acknoledge the work of the designers that are responsibles for many of the changes that have made our life easier.

Ideilan Design, led by Jon Santacoloma designer , winner of the Spanish Association of Design Professionals (AEPD ) in 2006 has over 10 years of industry experience .

His work has been based on creativity and innovation, not forgetting important aspects for a good design such as ergonomics , sustainability, ecodesign and clearly market-driven approach . His work has won international recognition several times.

The company Uraldi, for which this product has been designed, is located in the Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai. For the last 20 years it has been manufacturing and commercializing products for the bathroom and ambients, by converging the passion for design, experience and know-how, the main objetive to achieve the highest quality in its products and improving day -to-day the customer service.


Uraldi participates in the “World Design Day” Exhibition

28 junio, 2013

Uraldi has participated with the new bathroom accessories series, ESQUARE by Jon Santacoloma, in the exhibition held at Bilbao, North Spain, during the “World DESIGN Day 2013” in june.

World_design_day_2013In the framework of the World Industrial Design Day initiative, organized annually by the ICSID, the BiDC has turned the Alhondiga Bilbao Space and the Guggenheim esplanade into the house of design, gathering a representative showing of items produced by Basque companies, that reflect an equally heterogeneous professional practique with a common thread: design, creativity , innovation and quality.